Pit Bull Kills 4-Year-Old Christian Gormanous After Boy Climbs Fence

Four-year-old Christian Gormanous died Saturday, January 19, after he climbed over a fence and into a neighbor’s yard in Conroe, TX, where he was attacked by a chained Pit Bull. Christian was described by Debra Dreyer, a family friend, as “…a happy, very happy, very loved, sweet, little boy.”

On Saturday afternoon, Christian was playing with his nine-year-old sister, Trinity, in the backyard of their home. The little boy climbed over what appears to be a four-foot fence and walked into the neighbor’s yard where the Pit Bull was chained, reports WFAA.com.

Christian’s mother, Janell, was in the house feeding her newborn baby boy when Trinity came running in to tell her Christian had been seriously bitten by the dog. The girl had climbed over the fence herself to try to save her brother and managed to pull him away from the Pit Bull. The mother immediately called 911. However, the bites were so savage and severe that the little boy died later that night, after being airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Houston.

“He was a sweet little boy who liked to dress up as Spider-Man,” family-friend Debra Dreyer said. She told KHOU that her grandson played at Christian’s home.

“The mother, of course, and father are very distraught. But we’re holding on. We trust in the Lord and we will see it through,” said Misty Price, who was among those who gathered at the family’s home to support them on Sunday. “Anytime you saw him he was laughing and playing,” Price said about Christian, “and he was a sweet, sweet little boy.”

The family indicated through friends that they are too overwhelmed with grief to speak publicly about their son’s shocking death; however, they released a statement saying: ‘We thank you for your thoughts and prayers and we ask that we be given time to grieve,’ according to MailOnLine.com

Because the Pit Bull was chained in its own yard, law-enforcement authorities stated there probably would not be any criminal charges against the dog owner. The Pit Bull was impounded by Montgomery County Animal Control, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Neighbors complained to KHOU that Pit Bulls sometimes run free in the area. ‘We called the Humane Society, and they don’t ever do anything about it,’ said resident Michael McDannel, who told Click2Houston that the dog has broken free of its leash on several occasions.

“I think the ordinances need to be changed to start addressing these more aggressive dogs,” said Karen Loube, the president of the area's property owners' association.

But right now family friends are focusing on Christian, the sweet child who died so tragically, and on the family that loved him so much.





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