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Pit Bull Kills 3-Month-Old Rayden Bruce in Burleson,TX

It started out as a domestic disturbance call at a Burleson, Texas, home, but ended in the tragic death of a 3-month-old baby boy, killed by his grandfather’s Pit Bull, while police officers were still standing outside on Monday evening, accordiing to NBC News.

About 6:45 p.m., Burleson police state they received a 911 hang-up call.They went to the address from which the call originated at 227 Linda Drive, just a block from Burleson High School.At first they were told by the young wife that she had brought 3-month old baby, Rayden Bruce, for a visit with his father but the couple began arguing and the conflict escalated.

Police Commander Cindy Aarontold NBC News that the baby fell asleep in the grandfather’s arms, outside, during the hour that the officers were on scene attempting to keep the parties separate and conduct interviews with them.The grandfather walked into the house and put the sleeping baby boy on a bed and left the bedroom. The father was also in the house at the time.

Within a few minutes police heard screams from inside the house as Brody, one of the family’s two Pit Bulls, attacked the infant.The grandfather reportedly ran back into the room and found the baby bleeding on the floor.A neighbor said that the mother then ran toward the house and the father of the infant came out holding the baby and yelled, “Call 911, call 911. My baby is not breathing.”

Little Rayden was rushed to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth in critical condition and was soon pronounced dead by doctors.

Although friends told reporters that the Pit Bull had not previously shown any aggression toward the infant, Burleson Animal Control said their records show that last year Brody had bitten someone while he was on a leash.

The Pit Bull was quarantined overnight and euthanized on Tuesday at the request of the family, Kim Peckler of Burleson Animal Control told NBC 5 News.

Burleson Police said that they are still investigating this situation and it is way too early to decide whether charges will be filed.



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