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Pit Bull Kills 2-Year-Old Isaiah Ray Aguilar as He Chases Balloon

A 2-year-old boy in Sabinal, Texas, was killed by a Pit Bull on Saturday when he chased a balloon into his neighbor’s front yard. The incident is pitting neighbors against each other in this small town located about 60 miles west of San Antonio.

Isaiah Ray Aguilar was playing with his brother in his front yard on February 16 when the balloon blew toward the unfenced home of the next door neighbor, according to Fox News Latino. The balloon floated directly toward a Pit Bull chained in the yard and little Isaiah followed it.

According to the report, the dog’s owner and Isaiah’s family were watching as the Pit Bull grabbed the little boy and killed him while he screamed for help.

“The dog viciously attacked the boy. The boy's sibling said that someone inside the home opened the door during the attack, but did not help the boy,” reports

Isaiah’s father, Richard Aguilar, ran to get the child away from the Pit Bull and a neighbor administered CPR. But it was too late to save him, said Sabinal Mayor Louis Landeros, Jr.

The little boy was rushed to a hospital in Uvalde where he died, according to San Antonio News WOAI.

Sabinal has a population of only 1,700, and this horrific death of an innocent and helpless young boy has prompted concerns about whether current anti-tethering laws go far enough to protect the town’s children.

Mayor Landeros said the Pit Bull was tied up properly – and the dog owner seemed to comply with all the city rules. “It is my understanding that the child walked right into the Pit Bull,” Landeros told Fox News Latino. “We are not playing the blame game here. There is an ordinance. [But] the animal was tied up.” reports that the female Pit Bull that attacked and killed toddler Isaiah Aguilar had recently killed another Pit Bull and that she also ate most of her own puppies. According to Isaiah's mother, Lisa Gonzales, "The female that did this killed the Dad of the dogs," states

The dog is being held in quarantine, according to San Antonio News, and has not been euthanized. City officials say they don’t believe they have the right to put the dog to sleep.

The Mayor said that the town is divided over the case. Half are saying the owner did all he could but the other half is demanding that the dog’s owner be brought to justice. “One side [of the community] wants to ban the animal and the other thinks it’s parents negligence,” Landeros told Fox News Latino. Landeros said that the owner will not face charges.

There will be a town hall meeting this week to discuss Isaiah’s death and the city’s pet laws.

Local government has donated money to the Aguilar family to help them cover funeral and medical costs, Fox News Latino reports, and the service for the child were scheduled for Wednesday.

Colleen Lynn, founder of, a Texas-based organization that tracks Pit Bull attacks, told Fox News Latino that the local ordinance should be strengthened and require that dog owners build a fence around their yards in addition to having their dogs chained, according to the report.

“Anti-tethering laws are making headway in the south. What it does is it forces the owner to build a fence but humane groups don’t want to see dogs tethered at all,” Lynn said.

Lynn told the Houston Chronicle last year that 71 percent of 31 fatal attacks in the U.S.involved Pit Bulls in 2011. She told Latino Fox News that they account for 60 percent of human deaths nationwide.

Isaiah’s maternal great grandmother told Fox News reporter Alexandra Gratereaux that the pain of the family has been unbearable, “They cry and cry,”she said.

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