Pit Bull Jumps Fence, Grabs Throat of Gentle Labrador; Town Administrator Seeks 'Rescue’ for Pit Bull


A Shelburne woman says she is terrified after a Pit Bull suddenly jumped over his backyard fence and grabbed her gentle chocolate Labrador retriever by the throat as they walked by.

Sandra Wilson said she hit the Pit Bull as hard as she could with a lawn chair she was carrying as she watched her Labrador lie completely still with the Pit Bull’ jaw clamped tight around its neck.

The owner of the Pit Bull ran out and also tried to get his dog off of the Labrador, but it wasn’t until the Pit Bull’s teeth had torn through the flesh of the throat of the unresisting Lab that the attacker released his grip.

“I am so glad I didn’t have a smaller dog or a child with me,” said Wilson, “The dog needs to die. I don’t trust Pit Bulls and I never will.”

She and her dog were walking along Water and George Street on Saturday, when the attack happened . The Lab has so far survived.

Shelburne is located on the southwestern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were called to the home to investigate what should be done, CoastGuard.com reports.

Town officials spoke with the RCMP, and with the owners of the Lab and the Pit Bull as well as consulting their attorney, said Brenda Simpson, Manager of the Human Resource and Administration of the Town of Shelburne.

“The owner was not averse to putting the dog down,” she said. “He said he was aware the dog had issues with other dogs but had never had issues with people.”

But Simpson said the issue wasn’t that simple. She is looking into other possible solutions first, like pit bull rescue shelters.

Until a solution is found, the Town has told the Pit Bull owner that the dog cannot go out without a leash, even within the fenced backyard.

She did not say whether, if the dog goes to a “rescue,” it will remain under the same restrictions.

Source: The Coast Guard


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