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Pit Bull Has Mystery Photo in Collar. Can You Identify This Man? (PHOTOS)

A 2-year-old tan Pit Bull, now named Soldier, was picked up by an animal control officer in a Greenville, South Carolina, neighborhood near the County Animal Services Center. Tucked tightly inside his collar was a crinkled black-and-white photo of a man whose identity continues to remain a mystery, says Susan Bufano, the shelter’s community relations coordinator. (See photos below.)

“We’ve never had anything like this,” she told

The tattered photo looks like it was taken many years ago—resembling those from WWI (First World War.)  The image is of a handsome young man leaning against a pole and wearing what appears to be a military suit.

“Somebody had to really work to get that photo in there,” Bufano says.

The shelter posted the photograph on its Facebook page in hopes of reuniting the dog with his owner and identifying the man in the picture. But so far, neither has occurred.

The Pit Bull was named Soldier by the shelter staff, because of the man's attire in the photo. Soldier is now waiting for a new, loving home.

Inquiries have poured in from all over the country from people wanting to adopt him, Bufano says.  There was a possibility he would have to be euthanized, but Bufano said that is no longer a concern.

“He just has so much interest,” she said.

Let’s hope that anyone who is interested in Soldier will also consider looking at the other wonderful dogs at the Greenville shelter.

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Source: Today


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