Pit Bull-Great Dane Mix, 180-pounds, Attacks Owners During Violent Domestic Dispute

A Connecticut couple was attacked by their own 180-pound dog when they became engaged in a screaming match in front of the Pit Bull/Great Dane/Dalmatian mix early Wednesday morning, June 25, reports The Hour.

According to the police, they responded to a 911 call shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday, about “a female screaming. and glass breaking” at 14 Glen Ave, Norwalk. When officers arrived, they encountered Miriam Fahey, 32, and Joseph Velez, 36, both of whom were bleeding.

Miriam Fahey told officers that Joseph Velez came home intoxicated, the couple began to argue, and the dispute heated up, police said. The couple's 180-pound Pit Bull mix, "K", became agitated by the loud, escalating argument, and jumped into the fray.

In an earlier version of the incident by the Norwalk Daily Voice, Fahey told police that they had both returned home from a night of drinking and got into a loud, heated argument.

The woman said she became concerned that their dog would attack her boyfriend during the argument, because the dog was protective of her, the Daily Voice reported.

Fahey said she tried to calm down Velez, police said. But as Velez got closer to Fahey's face and began yelling more aggressively, the dog began to attack Velez, first by biting his arm, police reported.

Fahey said she tried to separate Velez and the dog, and the Pit Bull attacked her, according to police.

The couple said they managed to stop the dog attack and lock “K” into a secure room, police said

Angered even more by the situation, Velez went into the kitchen and put his fist through a window, according to The Hour.

He suffered a 3-inch long, half-inch deep gash to his left forearm, as well as serious dog bites and scratches to his right forearm and the left side of his chest, according to police, TheHour.com reports.

The Norwalk Daily Voice provides an earlier perspective, stating that when officers arrived, “the woman had a bloody hand,” police reported; and she told them that she had gotten angry and punched the kitchen window.

Whoever actually punched it, both reports state that a window was broken. The Daily Voice reports, according to the police, there was blood on the kitchen sink and in the bathroom and in the bedroom, and damage to the bathroom and bedroom doors.

There was also a semi-automatic shotgun resting against the nightstand, police said.

Officers said they asked the couple whether any of the damage or injuries were sustained during the fight, but both were evasive and refused to answer questions.

Each was issued a citation on a charge of disorderly conduct and they were ordered to report to Superior Court, police said.

Officers also seized the semi-automatic shotgun, the report stated.

Both Fahey and Velez were hospitalized for their injuries and both were unable to make their Superior Court appearances on the disorderly conduct charges on Wednesday afternoon. Their cases were continued until Thursday, according to The Hour.

Police reports did not indicate if police took any action regarding the giant Pit Bull-mix, “K.”

Source: Daily Voice, The Hour


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