Pit Bull Follows Kids Onto Maryland School Bus, Attacks


A Prince George County school bus driver is being called a “hero” by parents who witnessed him trying to fight off an aggressive dog that followed students onto the bus in Clinton, MD, and attacked multiple children.

St. George County police reported that a loose dog followed children in Clinton, MD, onto a school bus early Wednesday morning, May 17, and bit and/or scratched four students, all of whom received medical care. 

According to a Washington Post report by Matt Zapotosky, the County Schools’ spokesman stated, “it appeared the dog ‘did attack’ the students, although the students did not seem to have provoked it…at least one student was bitten and had to receive stitches.”

After the dog was off the bus, a police officer shot it.  He said the officer "did attempt to restrain the dog, but the animal continued to act aggressively.”

The dog was identified as an American Bulldog by the police, “But the school system’s press release said it was ‘believed to be a pit bull,’ according to the Crime Scene report on PostLocal.



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