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Pit Bull Chewed Off Roger Brown’s Toes While He Slept

An Indiana man woke up on Wednesday morning and noticed that two of his toes were missing. Roger Brown suspects that his pit bull gnawed them off while he was asleep. It is not clear why Brown would not have noticed his big and pinky toes being bitten off, but apparently he is quite a heavy sleeper.

Brown suffers from diabetes and had an infection in his foot. It is not clear what role — if any — those factors played in the incident. Some have speculated that gangrene might have set in and caused the dog to smell it and begin trying to chew away the infection, The Inquisitr reported.  

After discovering his injuries, Brown was transported to IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis by medical helicopter for treatment. He is being watched for any signs of rabies.

Since the pit bull was Brown’s pet, police have decided that the incident is not an animal attack. Brown apparently blames himself for what happened and has said that he does not plan on euthanizing his pet.

Sources: The Inquisitr, WishTV


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