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Pit Bull To Blame For No Mail Delivery On New Hampshire Street

The mail is always supposed to arrive under any weather condition, but there are times that other conditions could prevent delivery. One such condition is a reported aggressive dog and the pet has led to mail not being brought to a street in New Hampshire for more than a year.

The residents who live on Cornell Street in Concord, N.H., have not had their mail delivered for more than a year due to an unruly pit bull named Levi, according to ABC News.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service Northern New England District told ABC News that Levi rushed the letter carrier "on three different occasions."

"A pit bull rushing someone, as most people will recognize, is a cause for serious concern," Tom Rizzo said.

In an attempt to avoid the street, but still get close to give residents a chance to get their mail, the Postal Service is asking the city to approve a six-unit "delivery receptacle" three blocks from Cornell Street, WMUR reported.

Some neighbors have even resorted to putting up mail boxes on nearby streets and supposedly one of them was put up by the people who own the aggressive dog.

The owner of the dog, David Dale, reportedly told WMUR that he will not be giving up his dog.

"This is an older neighborhood now," said Nancee Donovan, one of the residents who doesn’t get mail at her home anymore. "I just hope that they get rid of the dog, because even going out of the house under the threat of being attacked is just too much."

Sources: ABC News, WMUR


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