Pit Bull Biting Charles Hagerman's Neck as Wife Finds Him Dead in Home

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Charles Hagerman’s wife arrived home on Wednesday, August 15, to find her husband’s dead body on the living room floor with one of their pet Pit Bulls gnawing on his neck and the otherhovering nearby, according tothe Chicago Tribune.

When she entered the home on the 5600 block of South Racine Avenue in Englewood and discovered the grisly scene, the horrified woman ran outside and called police on her cell phone. Police immediately notified Chicago Animal Care & Control. (Englewood is a communityon the city's South Side.)

Hagerman, 44, had severe bite wounds on his neck and lacerations all over his body, according to theTribune.He was pronounced dead at the scene.

First reports indicated officials believed the man could have been dead before the dogs started biting him.However, results of an autopsy on Thursday concluded Hagerman died of multiple injuries in a dog attack, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. His death was ruled accidental, theTribunereported.

Officers from Chicago Animal Care & Control Department secured and removed both Pit bulls from the home and impounded them.




An August 18 news broadcast byabc7News (WSL-TV) adds information on this sad death.

Reporter Eric Horng interviewed Charles Hagerman’s relatives, who claim the dogs actuallybelonged to his girlfriend's son and that Hagerman was afraid of the Pit bulls, one of them an adult, the other a puppy.

"They were vicious dogs," said Charles Hagerman’s mother, Salithia Maybell, "They've attacked before."



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