Pit Bull Bites Off Owner's Left Arm, Right Hand (Video)


A pit bull in Wilton, Conn. suddenly turned on its owner, Anne Murray, and bit off her left arm and her right hand yesterday at about 11:30 a.m.

"She's better, she's awake now," the victim's son, Matthew Murray, told the Connecticut Post. "I don't really know what happened. I just want to stay with her and get her to a full recovery."

According to Police Lt. Donald Wakeman, passing motorists tried to help, but were kept away by the dog, whose was name was "Tux," short for tuxedo.

"The first motorist found the dog to be somewhat aggressive, so she retreated to her car" stated Lt. Wakeman. "And then one of the two motorists heard someone calling for help, so she called 911."

Anne was found by Capt. John Lynch underneath a car in her driveway, trying to fight off the 2-year-old male dog (video below).

Capt. Lynch shot and killed the dog. The animal's remains will be tested for rabies.

According to NBC Connecticut, an ambulance took Anne to Norwalk Hospital, where she is being treated for serious injuries, but is stable.

"Technically, the dog belonged to one of the sons," added Lt. Wakeman. "The sons weren't home all the time, so she took care of the dog when they weren't there. Why the dog turned on her, we don't know. At this point we don't know whether criminal charges will be filed."

Sources: Connecticut Post and NBC Connecticut


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