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Georgia Anti-BSL Bill Fails, Cities Can Continue To Ban Pit Bulls

BSL is alive and well in Georgia. A bill that would have prohibited cities and counties in the state from having home rule in regard to banning pit bulls or other specific breeds failed to go to the House for a vote after passing the state Senate, WABE reports. 

If the bill introduced by Senator Ellis Black (R – Valdosta) had been approved by both houses, cities and counties could have made regulation for dogs based on vicious behavior but would not have been allowed to mention breed.

Sen. Black contends that a dog should be judged only by its behavior because vicious dogs can be found in "just about every breed," and every breed also has dogs that are good and "faithful companions."

If SB 184 had passed, only the state would have been allowed to make laws about pit bulls or other specific breeds of dog.

Sen. Josh McKoon, (R-Columbus) argued against the bill, saying that it takes away control from local governments and that he thinks such decisions as banning a breed should be made at the local level.

Some cities across the country have banned or restricted dogs like pit bulls after they’ve attacked children or others, reports WABE.

In Georgia, cities and counties with bans or restrictions on pit bulls or other dog breeds include: Lawrenceville, La Grange, College Park, Dawson, Floyd County and Terrell County.

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Photo Credit: WikiCommons, maplegirlie/Flickr


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