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Pit Bull Attacks Woman and Police Officer, Dog Shot Inside Marriott Hotel in Mystic

A woman and a police officer trying to save her from a vicious Pit Bull attack were both injured Sunday afternoon. The incident occurred in the 2nd floor hallway of the Residence Inn by Marriott in Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic is located in New London County, within the towns of Groton and Stonington (east of the Mystic River). Historically, Mystic was a leading seaport of the area.

The Stonington Police Department reports receiving a call about 3 p.m. that a woman was being attacked by a Pit Bull in the hallway at the Marriott.

Stonington Police Capt. Jerry Desmond said apparently the victim came to the hotel to visit the dog's caretaker; and, when the woman opened the door "the dog makes a beeline to the woman and attacked her," according to the Stonington Patch.

When the officers arrived, they found the woman seriously injured and the caretaker struggling to control the dog.

The officer moved in closer to try to help the woman, and the dog redirected its attack to the police officer. "When that happened and the dog grabbed the officer’s arm, the officer discharged a round into the dog," said Stonington Police Captain, Jerry Desmond.

Police said the officer was then able to corral the dog in a stairwell away from other guests until Christina Donovan, a Groton Town Police animal control officer, arrived. At about 3:40 p.m., Donovan emerged from the building, guiding the dog to the Stonington animal control truck with the use of a noose at the end of a long pole.

The dark-colored Pit Bull, which had blood dripping from its shoulder and abdomen after being struck with a .45 caliber bullet, whimpered as it refused to walk up the ramp into the truck. As police and Old Mystic firefighters tried to coax the dog into the van, one officer stood a few feet away, his gun drawn.

They were finally able to get the dog into the Groton animal control truck by putting a blue blanket over it and lifting it up and into a cage in the truck. The dog was taken for veterinary treatment, The Day reports.

Desmond later said the dog was treated and is in quarantine at Groton animal control. Desmond said as the investigation proceeds, the SPD "will be working with the owner to determine what will happen to the dog."

Guests said they believe the victim may have been a friend of the dog's owner.

The woman was not identified but she was transported to Lawrence Memorial Hospital in New London, and treated for severe injuries, police said. The officer’s wounds were less severe and he was treated and released from the hospital.

Some guests who were staying in rooms near the hallway where the attack occurred were not allowed back into their rooms for hours while police cleaned up the scene, which was described as “chaotic” with the Pit Bull running loose, WTNH reported.

Residence Inn declined to comment on the situation but said dogs are allowed inside. The Residence Inn website does not provide any further details on the size and weight of the animals allowed.

Police provided no further details about the name of the injured woman or of the injured officer, but said the Stonington Police continue to investigate.

Sources: The Day, Patch, WTNH


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