Pit Bull Attacks Police Horse in San Francisco


On Monday at 2:20 p.m. a Pit Bull attacked a U.S. Park Police officer’s horse in the West Bluff area at Crissy Field in San Francisco, according to CBSlocal.com.

The incident occurred when the officer asked the owner to take control of the unleashed dog and he failed to do so.National Park Service spokesmen Howard Levitt said, “The dog then paid its attention to the police force and lunged at the horse, biting the stomach and then locking on to the rear leg. The horse fell and the U.S. Park Police officer was thrown to the ground at that point.”

The wounded horse was eventually able to struggle to its feet and escape.It ran back to the police stable with the Pit Bull chasing it.

According to the CBS report, the attack ended when the horse kicked the dog and it ran and soon was captured by another officer at the scene.

The horse’s wounds were stitched and stapled but do not appear to be life threatening, according to the statement by Levitt to CBSlocal.com. The bite wounds were stitched and stapled and the injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

“He should recover but he was pretty chewed up,” he said.

The owner was arrested when he arrived at the location where his dog was being detained. He was booked on various charges including failure to maintain control of a dog and assault on a police officer, according to Levitt, and the dog remains in the custody of San Francisco Animal Control.




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