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Pit Bull Attacks Owner for 40 Minutes, Severing Artery, While Wagging its Tail

A dog described as a pit bull-Staffordshire bull terrier mix attacked his owner for 40 minutes, according to eyewitness reports to the Portsmouth News on Aug. 14.

Police and paramedics responded at about 11:15 a.m. to a park where they found the dog clamped on to the man’s left arm.

Sally Johnson, 39, who lives nearby in Hemsley Walk and heard the man’s screams went out to try to help before emergency services arrived.

"I could hear screaming," Johnson said. "I looked out of my bathroom window ... I couldn’t leave him there.” She said the dog was clamped onto the man’s left arm. The dog was wagging its tail. Every time he moved the dog was moving his arm as well. There was blood everywhere. It was horrible. He was saying it had gone through an artery."

The man said, “Can you help me?” There was nothing anybody could do to get the dog off. His friend said he tried throwing sticks but it was no use. The ambulance people turned up and there was nothing they could do." The dog was clamped to his arm for up to 40 minutes, witnesses say.

Johnson added: ‘The whole time the dog was holding his arm its tail was wagging. It was like he was playing.’

Eyewitnesses say that paramedics had to sit on the dog before animal control, or police dog handlers, arrived and held the dog down with poles.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance landed in the park which is off Keats Close, in Cowplain, south of London, U.K.

Eyewitnesses said they had seen the man at the park before playing with the dog.

Noreen Restorick, who lives nearby, said "I don’t think the dog meant to do it because it was wagging its tail.”

She said the pit bull was even wagging its tail when it was being held down by the officers.

"I felt sorry for the dog," she said.

The man, who was not identified other than that he was wearing a blue T-shirt, is being treated for serious wounds to his arm.

The dog was humanely euthanized by veterinarians at the scene, the Portsmouth News reported.

Source: Portsmouth


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