Pit Bull Attacks, Kills 7-Month-Old Baby Boy


Homicide detectives are investigating the death of a 7-month-old baby boy at a Dayton, Ohio, home after the family’s Pit Bull suddenly killed the child on Sunday, WDTN reports. 

Officers responded to the home in the 2200 block of Riverside Drive around 12:30 p.m., after a frantic 911 call was received from a neighbor. The caller said that the little boy’s grandmother was knocking on her door with the baby in her hands and he was not breathing.

According to police, the unidentified child’s paternal grandmother was babysitting.  She said she took her eyes off the baby for a few seconds and the family Pit Bull attacked and killed the child.

The incident occurred inside the house, officials said. ABC22Now reports that family at the scene shouted to them that the baby boy was from Indiana.

Sergeant Charles Anderson told ABC22News that other family members said the dog has been a pleasant animal. "They don't understand why the dog went off and attacked the small child," he said.

Reverend Victor Lee spoke for the family and said they told him the dog jumped over a gate and then attacked the baby boy.  He added that the grandmother tried to get him off the child.  “The family needs prayers right now,” he said.

According to a Daytona woman who lives nearby, this is not the first attack by the Pit Bull. Isabelle Crickmore told ABC22Now that the same dog attacked her Beagle as she walked past 2219 Riverside Drive.  

She showed ABC reporters the locations on the Beagle’s body and ear where the hair had been shaved for treatment of wounds. "She had three lacerations, 11 staples," said Crickmore.

Court records show that there is a criminal misdemeanor complaint against the grandmother for that attack and show a pre-trial hearing on Crickmore's complaint was postponed last week.

The brown Pit Bull was removed from the residence by animal control officers and is being quarantined at the Animal Resource Center, according to WDTN.

Police said they are still conducting their investigation.  It is not known whether the grandmother will face charges.

Sources: ABC 22, WDTN


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