Pit Bull Attacks Girl, 6, in Bronx, Caught on Surveillance Tape (Video)


A horrifying scene was captured by a surveillance camera as a helpless 6-year-old girl, walking with her grandmother, was savagely attacked by a Pit Bull in the Bronx on Sunday.

The woman and child were walking on Webster Avenue, when the video shows the dog suddenly come out of nowhere, run through the intersection and grab the little girl, dragging her and tossing her around like a chew toy.

A group of Good Samaritans on the corner run over to grab the dog, and undoubtedly they saved the little girl’s life.

“At first the dog tried to bite her in the face, but he grabbed the jacket, he bit her on the leg,” said a witness, Eduardo Candeler. “He was trying to take it out but he was holding her.” Candelier said, "The girl was crying, she was going crazy.”

The owner of the Pit Bull, reportedly lives nearby and ran to the scene and shouted for those who were subduing the dog to stop as he put a leash on the animal. He stayed at the scene until officers arrived. They cited him for an off-leash dog and he left with his Pit Bull, according to reports.

The girl was taken to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center and later released after treatment for puncture wounds, reports WNBC-TV.

Sources: (NY Daily News)


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