Pit Bull Attacks Dog in PetSmart, 2nd PetSmart Attack in 6 Months

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A Pit Bull in training at a PetSmart store attacked a two-year-old Australian Shepherd/Collie, named Piper, who was on a shopping trip with her owner, Shane Todd, on Sunday, according to KVUE-TVNews.  The incident occurred at the Hill Country Galleria PetSmart, at12912Hill CountryBlvd, Austin, Texas.Bee Cave is a small city located about 12 miles west of Austin, Texas.

“I was just looking through the aisles to buy her some treats, a collar, or whatever,” Todd said.What he and Piper did not know was that a PetSmart employee had a Pit Bull-mix, named Shelly, on a 20-foot leash, trying to teach her a “sit, stay, come to me” command. A spokesperson for PetSmart said that when the trainer gave the command “come,” the Pit Bull ran and grabbed hold of Piper.

“I was trying to pry that dog’s grip off my dog’s neck,” Todd told KVUE.When the Pit Bull saw Piper it, “... just came barreling down on my dog, grabbed her neck flipped her around like three or four times."Todd said the attack lasted almost five minutes and did not stop until an employee sprayed Shelly with Citronella.

Describing his dog's shock and  injuries, Todd told KVUE, “She just didn't deserve that."  Piper still has deep gashes in her neck and she has not been the same since the attack on Sunday, July 9, he said.

When he filed a complaint, PetSmart offered him a $50 gift card. PetSmart told KVUE policy was followed; both animals were on a leash, and that these incidents are unpredictable.

Todd said he does not want money; he wants a policy change by PetSmart. "A 20-foot leash is not a leash, it is freedom," he said.

PetSmart said it is working with Todd to resolve the issue. In the meantime, he said he hopes his story will help to save other dogs from an experience like this.

Sadly,it is too late for a little Daushund that had to be euthanized because of the severity of an attack that occurred earlier this year in the PetSmart in Alexandria, Virginia.

On January 13, 2012,NBCWashington.comreported that a German Shepherd broke out of its kennel and attacked two Daschunds while all three dogs were being boarded at the PetSmart pet hotel in Alexandria, Virginia. The incident occurred just days after President Obama had received media attention when he personally took his dog, Bo, to the same store.

One of the Daschunds reqired stitches. The other victim could not be saved. PetSmart executives apologized and admitted that policies and procedures had not been followed.They told NBC that several of the PetSmart associates involved are no longer employees of the company.





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