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Pit Bull Attacks Detroit Jogger, Daughter Wants 'Owner and Dog Brought to Justice’

On Saturday evening Dave Silwester, 63, of Clinton Township, Michigan, was viciously attacked by a dog he described as a brown Pit Bull, while he was running in Rochester Hills in the northern outskirts of Detroit.

Silwester said he saw a woman struggling to hang onto the dog as he was running at dusk in Shelby Township, along the Macomb Orchard Trail. But she proved to be no match for the determined dog. 

“I am not sure if the leash broke, or it just pulled it out of her hands,” Dave told WXYZ, “It bit the hardest on the left forearm and pulled me to the ground.”

He told WXYZ that the woman finally was able to pull the dog away from its hold on him as he fought against it and struggled to get back up. That is when the dog sank its teeth into his hand. Hs wounds later required 20 stitches. 

Silwester’s daughter, Jonessa Dobbs, posted a plea for help in locating the dog and its owner. She posted photos of her father’s wounds and asked for the story to be shared.

Dobbs said she is trying to locate the dog and its owner to prevent another occurrence.

“It’s infuriating to me that this woman and her aggressive and very dangerous dog are still out there,” Dobbs wrote. “I wish there was a way we could bring this lady and her dog to justice, but (I’m) so very thankful that my dad is alive.”

A report was filed with Oakland County Animal Control on Feb. 3, according to the Daily Tribune. However, without the identity of the owner and/or the address where the dog is kept, there is very little that can be done, unless someone who witnessed the incident or otherwise has information comes forward.

Any criminal charges for dog owners responsible for attacks are determined based on the severity of the victims’ wounds, Sgt. Jerry McNair of the Oakland County Animal Control, told WXYZ.

Oakland County Animal Control handled roughly 2,000 dog bite cases last year, McNair said.

Sources: WXYZ, Daily Tribune / Photo Credit: WikiCommons, Daily Tribune


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