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Pit Bull Attacks Arguing Couple Alan and Brenda Tibbits, Stopped Only by Gunfire

An argument between a Kansas couple, Alan Tibbits, 52, and his wife, Brenda, on December 28, was settled by their sleeping son’s Pit Bull, who attacked the man’s arms and legs and bit the 49-year-old woman on her arms and buttocks.

The Pit Bull was in the home at 1823 N.W. Polk, Topeka, when the couple became involved in a disagreement. The dog became upset and attacked them Friday morning, reported Topeka Police Cpl. Louis Cortez. He said the parents and son all live together at the residence.

Cortez said the commotion woke the son, also named Alan Tibbits, who tried unsuccessfully to gain control of his dog. Finally, the attack stopped when the son fired two shots from a handgun into the ceiling. He then locked the dog in a bedroom and called 911, reports theCapitol Journal.

In addition to emergency medical response team, Topeka Police Department, the fire department, and animal control officers responded to the scene.

The handgun was seized by police to determine whether it is legally owned and also becausethere is an ordinance against discharging a weapon within the city limits.

The male Pit Bull is about 6 to 7 years old and is being quarantined at a local veterinarian’s office to determine whether he has rabies, according to theCapital Journal.

The family was fined $30 for having an unlicensed dog in the city and has relinquished ownership of the animal. The dog will be destroyed after a 10-day quarantine, stated Officer Linda Halford of the police department’s Animal Control Unit.

Halford said dogs that are reported to her division in relation to attacks or other violations usually aren’t licensed, theCapital Journalreports.




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