Pit Bull Attacks 2 Women: Rips Breasts, Arms and Legs


A Pit Bull attack on two women in Greenville, North Carolina on June 12 was so savage that, “The canine ripped off a piece of one of the women's chest,” one witness told WNCT News.

"…when he first bit her, he bit her right there, and if would have jumped higher he would have locked on her throat," said neighbor Larry Clemons, whose brave actions may have saved the women’s lives.

Both women were bitten on their breasts, arms, and legs. The Pit Bull “latched onto them and wouldn’t let go,” according to Clemons. He said he was awakened by the women’s screams as the dog attacked them on Farmville Blvd. Tuesday morning, WCTI-12News reports.

Clemons said he jumped out of bed and rushed out with a broom to try to fight off the Pit Bull and get it to let go. "When I walked out the dog had jumped and locked on this lady’s chest. He was hanging off his feet and she’s screaming get him off me.” She was swinging from side to side, he said.

Clemons told WCTI-12 News that he hit the Pit Bull with the broom until it finally released the woman, but it started toward him.He used the broom to try to stop the dog and yelled at the woman to run, but said he thought she must have been in shock because she did not move.

Then the Pit Bull ran back and attacked the other woman and latched onto her breast, he said. "Both sides of the road were completely stopped and people screaming but everybody was too scared to help the lady."

The dog had first chased a man into his house while he was mowing his grass, according to witnesses. Then it ran down the road and attacked the woman, who was outside.Greenville Police said they had a report of a vicious dog running loose on the 1200 block or Farmville Blvd. and responded, along with Animal Control.

Both women were taken to Vidant Medical Center. The Pit Bull was taken to Pitt County Animal Shelter where it will be held for rabies observation for 10 days.

WNCT News reported on Wednesday that Anthony Columbus has been cited for a leash-law violation. Columbus told authorities that he was keeping the dog on behalf of its owner, Victoria Moore, who lives and works in Havelock.

Sergeant Joe Friday said the Pit Bull could be declared vicious at a hearing in seven days. If determined vicious, the dog will either be put down or banned from the Greenville city limits. The decision is up to the judge. The owner of the Pit Bull could also be facing charges.



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