Pit Bull Attacks 2 Children, Adult; After Killing Pet Dog in Prior Attack


"A second time is inexcusable," said David Porter, after a Pit Bull attacked two children, 9 and 11,  in the 1500 block of Beverly Road in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane community on Saturday, September 21, reports ABC 6 Action News.

The incident occurred bout 5:45 a.m., and both children were boys, CBS states.

Monique Ketter told reporters that she heard the children's piercing screams and rushed out onto her back deck.

She said she saw an adult man was swinging a shovel to try to stop the dog from mauling the children and she could see blood on his arm.

The Good Samaritan was a 25-year-old man, CBS learned.

Ketter also said one little boy was “bleeding through his shorts."

All three victims were taken to Einstein Medical Center, where they were  reported in stable condition.

Mr. Porter, who lives in the neighborhood, told ABC6 that two weeks earlier the same Pit Bull attacked his Pomeranian, 'Bandit, and severely mauled him—so badly that he had to be put down  the following morning.

Philadelphia Animal Care and Control advised Mr. Porter that it does not confiscate animals for dog-on-dog attacks, but will take the dog if the owner voluntarily surrenders it. 

"That needs to change,” said David Porter, lamenting that two children and an adult had to be bitten by the Pit Bull before the animal control agency seized it.

He commented that, if they would have confiscated the Pit Bull when his little dog, Bandit, was fatally mauled, the children and Good Samaritan would not have become victims.

According to ABC6, an investigation of this incident is ongoing.

Sources: 6ABC, Philadelphia Newswire, Yahoo


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