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Pit Bull Attack: Young Mother, Sarah Miller, Says She “Felt Her Bones Being Crushed”

A young mother who was walking with her Chihuahua to pick up her daughter from school in Sydney was suddenly savagely attacked by two Staffordshire Bull terriers on Wednesday. Sarah Miller said she” thought she was going to die.’

Sarah said one of the Pit Bulls grabbed her little dog by the head and began shaking it violently, while the other Pit Bull circled them.

When the Pit Bull--described as having a gigantic head--finally released the Chihuahua, it grabbed her, she said.

“I was down on the ground with blood just absolutely all over me," she told 7News.

"The dog turned to me and just started going “chomp, chomp, chomp,” she said, “dragging and shaking my arm...forever and ever it felt like. It was just horrible."

Finally some building workers nearby rescued her. The dog was so vicious and persistent that they were forced to smash it with large pieces of timber, they said.

One of the rescuers, Greg Parks, told 7News:"She was screaming and she was in shock and finally the dog let go."

Sarah’s boyfriend Nigel Pious told reporters, “I’ve never seen a dog with such a big head like this - it had a head like a crocodile."

The dogs’ owner, Steve Marcie, did not try to shirk responsibility for the behaviour of the dogs, and he told 7News he had the attacking Pit Bull euthanized immediately. He described the incident as an “innocent mistake from an adult leaving a gate open and the wind blew the gate open further and he snuck out.” Macie says he'll do everything he can to help Sarah recover.

Sarah Miller is not the only recent victim of a horrific Pit bull attack in Australia. A 2-year-old child, Deeon Higgins, described as a “gorgeous little boy” was fatally attacked on Sunday, August 10, by a dog that belonged to his cousin. The child suffered severe face and head injuries as he was mauled to death by the mastiff-cross dog at his grandmother's house in Deniliquin in New South Wales.

Sarah said she is fearful for the safety of her own daughter and other children and she wants tougher dog laws enacted.

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