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Pit Bull Attack Victim, Ciarah Bennet, 15, Says Dog 'Tried to Get My Throat!'

Ciarah Bennett, 15, experienced a horrific attack by a friend’s Pit Bull and has undergone a three-hour skin-graft surgery just to close one ugly scar where the dog grabbed her leg and ripped her flesh. She is still a long way from recovering, with over 20 severe bites on her arms and legs.

The teenager from Higher Broughton, Salford, in North West England, told the Mirror, “I was in the bedroom when it came running through and grabbed my leg. I thought I was going to die. I was crying and trying to fight back. I kept getting dragged to the floor. It was really strong.”

She managed to free herself from the dog’s jaws long enough to get into a closet, but the Pit Bull pushed the door open with its nose, this time latching onto her arm and causing extensive damage. Ciarah said she was begging, “Help me, help me.”

Her friend was finally able to grab and twist the dog’s head to get it to release its grip on Ciarah. The teenager was rushed to hospital where she required a three-hour skin graft operation on a deep wound to her right leg.

Ciarah, from Higher Broughton, Salford, UK, told the Mirror,.”I thought I was going to die. I was crying and trying to fight back. I kept getting dragged to the floor. It was really strong."

She said when the dog got into the closet with her, "It jumped up and got my arm. It dug its other paw in me and tried to get my throat." She said she got out of the closet with the dog still was biting on her arm. Then it grabbed her leg and dragged her for another 10 minutes while she tried to hold onto the bed.

Ciarah spent nine days in the hospital. Besides the bite wound to her leg, she had suffered nerve damage to her right leg and bites to her right arm. Her right leg and arm are still in a cast and she has to use crutches to walk. She will also need physical therapy, reports the Mirror.

She said she is still in a lot of pain and has had nightmares since the attack. Her mother Chantel Bennett, 35, told the Mirror that this has had a big psychological impact on her daughter.

Police confirmed that they had seized a Pit Bull from the house under the Dangerous Dogs Act on November 25. An investigation is ongoing but no charges or arrests have been made.

Source: Mirror


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