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Pit Bulls 'Brutally' Attack 3 Men, Owner Arrested

Three pit bulls escaped a fenced yard in Pahrump, Nevada, on Friday morning and seriously injured three men — one who went to the property to feed a neighbor’s cats and two Good Samaritans who tried to protect him from the attacking dogs, reports 8NewsNow.

Officers responded to a call made at approximately 11:55 a.m. and discovered that the first victim had walked to his neighbor’s house at 1091 Black Street to feed the cats. The neighbor owns the property and rents out a second house in a fenced area to Ricky Davidson, 40, who keeps three pit bulls at that location.

When the cat feeder approached the home, the three dogs jumped a 6-foot-high fence and “brutally” attacked him, according to deputies. The victim screamed for help and a neighbor ran to his rescue but was also attacked.

Another man rushed to help and became the third victim of a relentless mauling by the dogs, according to Nye County Sheriff's deputies. 

The two Good Samaritans finally were able to subdue the attacking dogs enough to escape and drag the first victim with them to safety next door. 

Although they reportedly closed a gate to stop the dogs, the pit bulls came after them through a hole in the fence, continuing their violent attack.

At that point one of the victims was able to reach his gun. He shot two of the dogs - but this still did not stop them.

The pit bulls continued attacking the three victims until the sirens of the approaching Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue vehicles caused them to flee.

The first victim was airlifted to University Medical Center where he was listed in critical condition.

The other two victims were transported to Desert View Hospital with serious injuries, according to 8NewsNow.

Two of the pit bulls had been shot. One of the bullets inflicted serious lung damage and that dog was put down. The other pit bull sustained a shoulder wound which did not require it to be immediately euthanized.

The two remaining dogs are being held under quarantine as legally required.

Davidson was arrested and charged with “keeping vicious dogs resulting in substantial bodily harm.” He was booked into the Nye County Detention Center.

 Investigation revealed that the same Pit bulls owned by Ricky Davidson are alleged to have attacked a man eight months ago.

Sources: 8 News, Review Journal

Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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