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Pit Bull Attack: Man Who Saved Special-Needs Boy Needs Help with Medical Bills, Wants New Vicious Dog Laws (VIDEO)

The Indianapolis man credited with saving a special-needs boy on November 2, 2014, from a vicious attack by two Pit Bulls is speaking out for the first time about those terrifying moments and his own suffering from injuries after the dogs turned on him, WTRH-13 News reports. He also is calling for tougher laws to control vicious dogs.

Russell Hill, 60, said he was standing near his garage that day when he heard the cries of Jalon Lewis and made a split-second decision to rescue the boy. He says now he's paying for it in more ways than one, although he tells reporters he would do it again. 

Jalon Lewis, 13, was walking to the candy store that Sunday afternoon, when the two dogs jumped him, knocked him to the ground, and began biting his legs and foot. The incident occurred in the 3000 block of Gladstone Ave.  

When neighbor Russell Hill heard the boy's screams, he grabbed a log and used it to beat the dogs off Jalon, but the Pit Bulls then turned on Hill. He tearfully tells WTRH-13 that he tried to defend himself but stumbled and fell to the ground, where the dogs savagely attacked him. 

Russell Hill is still in the hospital, recovering from the wounds which ripped the flesh on his leg to the bone and prevent him from walking or working. Both arms are still bandaged. “They was tearing me apart,” he said.

His wife of 37 years, Clarissa Hill, stood close by her husband as he sobbed while talking about the horrifying day that he relives constantly.

“I just heard a little boy whimper," he recalled. "I thought I could get the dog off the little boy…I didn't think it was going to turn out like this."  Hill is now facing intensive rehabilitation.

"I don't want nothing," he told WTHR. "….I never beg for nothing." He said he just wants to be able to use his feet again to work, as he has all his life.

Through his pain, Hill finds comfort knowing Jalon is home recovering, he told WTRH-13.

He gives credit for saving his life to the IMPD officer who shot and killed one of the Pit Bulls and scared off the other one, which was later captured and impounded by animal control.

Russell Hill spoke passionately about the need for change in laws regarding vicious dogs, so that no one else will ever have to go through what he has.

"If you're going to have something that mean, for God's sakes, the laws got to change!" he said.

Family members have set up a fundraising website to help Russell Hill with his medical bills:  "Hero Russell Hill" on Go Fund Me.

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Photo Credit: WikiCommons, WTHR


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