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Pit Bull Attack: Maleik Carr, 11, Fights Off 2 Dogs to Save Sister’s Life

Eleven-year-old Maleik Carr was bitten 23 times on his legs and suffered four more bites on his hands as he fought off two vicious Pit Bulls which entered the family’s backyard in Dublin, Georgia, and attacked his 5-year-old sister, Jalia.

 Maleik is now recovering after emergency surgery from the incident. His legs are covered in stitches and puncture wounds.

His father, Willie Carr, told 13 WMAZ-TV, “It hurt me to my soul when I saw those cuts. It was very hard not crying in front of him because he was already so strong, and I wanted him to continue being strong.

Maleik and Jalia were walking through their backyard on Monday morning to catch the schoool bus, as they did every day.  Suddenly two aggressive Pit Bulls escaped from a neighbor’s yard through a large hole the dogs had torn in the fence and begin to attack Jalia. 

“The brown and white dog ran to the other side, jumped out of the fence and the black one did too, and they started snapping at Jalia. So I ran over there started kicking them away from her, and they bit me. And I told Jalia to run,” Maleik told reporters.

Jalia ran across the street as Maleik continued to fend off the two Pit Bulls. When they started biting on his legs, he took his sister’s toy chair and began beating them with it. He battled them long enough to get to where he could hop over his own fence to the street. His distraught older sister was waiting there with Julia and she rushed them both to the hospital, according to

“I was hurt, scared, and after all was said and done, angry,” Ms. Carr said, “because more care wasn’t taken to make sure these dogs didn’t hurt anyone.”

The dogs now are confined, Laurens County Animal Control director Don Bryant told the NY Daily News. Charges against the owners are pending.

Both parents are proud their son was so quick to save his sister. “They will react to protect each other at all costs,” Sherry Carr told WMAZ-TV.

“It makes me so proud. It makes me so proud to have this hero in my house,” she said.



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