Pit Bull Attack Leaves Pregnant Woman's Arm 'Hanging by a Thread;' Soldiers Rescue Her


A pregnant woman who appeared to be in her 20’s was savagely attacked by her own Pit Bull Terrier-type dog, when the dog suddenly “just snapped,” shocked residents told the Daily Express.

Witnesses helplessly watched the "horrendous" attack that occurred outside the army barracks in Lichtfield, as the large, muscular dog bit and mauled his owner and she screamed in pain. (Lichtfield is alocal government district inStafofrdshire, England.)

One witness told reporters," She was walking around the base perimeter when the dog just went for her, there didn't seem to be a trigger. It just snapped...There was lots of blood.”

Another described the attack as “horrific” and said her arm was merely “hanging by a thread.”

Fortunately, army cadets were training outside the barracks at the time, and they quickly climbed the 12-foot fence, braved the razor wire that topped it and rushed to the pregnant victim, who was bleeding profusely.

Army medics then administered emergency treatment to stop the bleeding and the young woman was airlifted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

One of the victim’s neighbors said, “"The dog that attacked her is an absolute beast. People have been making complaints about it for weeks but nothing has been done."

One witness described, "The dog is a mastiff or Staffordshire bull terrier cross. It's huge. Like a small horse.”

Her neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, described the attack: "It was horrific. The real heroes are the soldiers, they came to her aid when her arm was left hanging off by a thread.”

"I dread to think what would have happened to her if they hadn't got there, about half of dozen of them went up over the wall to rescue her,” the neighbor said.

While another witness added: 'It was horrible, the dog just went for the pregnant woman right in front of the barracks and across from a pre-school,” according to the Daily Mail.

The army cadets were praised by the community for saving the woman’s life and scaring the dog away. "Otherwise it would have just torn her to shreds," a witness said.

Police hunted for the dog but first called Whittington Pre-School and Day Nursery to warn teachers to keep the children inside until the extremely aggressive and aggitated animal was captured.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson stated that the incident had occurred at approximately 4.10 p.m. on Thursday October 16, “...and the dog, which is owned by the injured female, was captured in the vicinity with the assistance of military staff from the nearby barracks.”

The woman was hospitalized at the time of the report with life-threatenng injuries.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson announced,"Medics and cadets used their training and experience to aid a civilian outside the barracks and have been personally praised for their brave actions."

Sources: Express, Daily Mail


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