2 Pit Bull Attacks on Toddlers During 2 Days in Southern California


On Tuesday evening, May 29, a three-year-old east Bakersfield boy was attacked by the family’s 125-pound Pit Bull and is in critical condition at Children’s Hospital in Madera, according to the Republic.com.

Little Efren Molina was alone with the dog when the attack occurred. Kern County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident because of the severity of the boy's injuries.

Several neighbors told KGET.com that the attack was so vicious they heard the screams from across the street.

The baby’s parents were also bitten by the dog as they attempted to free the child from its jaws. Both suffered serious, but not life-threatening, hand injuries, according to the Associated Press report. They were taken to Kern Medical Center for treatment.

The grey-and-white Pit Bull was unneutered and estimated to be between three to five years old by Kern County Animal Control. It was impounded and will be held for a ten-day quarantine period to determine whether it has rabies.

Kern County Animal Control spokeswoman Kim Rodriguez issued the following statement:"The message we're trying to get out is about responsible pet ownership, and it's not just about food and water and medical needs," Rodriguez said. "It's imperative to maintain control of your animals, not just for your family but for the community as a whole."




About 9:30 a.m. on Monday, May 28, a19-month-old toddler was attacked by the family pit bull in her home on 6th Street and Hillside Avenue in Norco, according to theLos Angeles Times.

Elizabeth Peak, who was babysitting the child, is deaf but she demonstrated forKTLA-TVhow she tried to free the child from the dog’s grip. She saidthe toddler wandered just outside the front door and dropped her water cup near the dog. Thefemale Pit Bull, named "Diamond," suddenly attacked the baby and clamped down on her leg.

Peak told reporters that she tried to kick the dog, but it would not let go. She then began screaming for help as the dog started dragging the baby around the yard.

Larry Gordon lives next door and was at home. "I saw the lady, the young lady screaming and the dog running back and forth with something in its mouth and I thought, 'I know they have a baby. They have only lived here for a week or two,'" Gordon told ABC News.

He said he jumped over the fence and ran at the dog with a stick but, despite repeated blows and kicks, the Pit Bull wouldn't let go.

"The baby would look at me and she would scream, and then she would be quiet. She had dirt in her face," said Gordon. "I grabbed the dog with my hand, both hands, one hand on its jaw and the other the top of the jaw, and pried it loose. After the Pit Bull released the child, he said he "...yelled at the lady to come and get the baby and take it away."

The dog has been with the child's mother for three years, Peak told ABC News. "Honestly, that dog turned," said Peak. "I've never seen it bite ever." She said she felt sure the Pit Bull had been well-trained by the child's mother

Emergency services rushed the toddler to Corona Regional Medical Center. Her condition was not released.

The Riverside Press-EnterprisereportedthatNorco Animal Control Services was called into to take the dog and quarantine it.The identity of the child and mother were not disclosed.





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