Pit Bull Attack: Janiah Hood, 5, Hospitalized In Critical Condition After Neighbor’s Dog 'Breaks Its Chain'


Janiah Hood, 5, was listed in critical condition at Children’s Hospital of Alabama in Birmingham after she was savagely attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull that broke its chain.

Janiah was playing with another child when she was mauled by the dog at a home in the 2600 block of Preston Avenue, in Jasper, Ala., according to CBS42 News.

A witness said that a brave neighbor finally managed to pull the dog off of the girl while it was mauling her, and that action probably saved her life. After she was free from the pit bull’s jaws, the neighbor called for help.

Little Janiah was flown to the hospital by Air Evac helicopter around 8 p.m. The child underwent surgery during the night for what officials said were “serious injuries to her head.”

Her parents have been at her bedside since the incident occurred, CBS42 News reported.

Janiah just started kindergarten at West Jasper Elementary, and several of her teachers came to visit her in the hospital, according to her family.

Jasper Police Chief Connie Cooner Rowe said the dog was immediately quarantined, and its owner cooperated with officials.

In an update on Tuesday, Chief Rowe said that Janiah is still hospitalized at Children’s Hospital of Alabama, but her condition has been upgraded to “good.”

The owner of the pit bull agreed to have the animal euthanized, according to Chief Rowe.

The Alabama Department of Health will conduct tests on the pit bull to assure it did not have rabies, as part of standard investigative procedure.

Source: Mountain Eagle, (2), CBS


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