Pit Bull Attack Injures Horse and Sheriff’s Posse Member Anthony Mungary at Rodeo

A 22-year-veteran member of the Kern County Sheriff’s Posse was seriously injured on Friday, May 3, when a stray black Pit Bull attacked his horse during a rodeo at the Kern County Fairgrounds in Bakersfield, California.

Rider Anthony Mungary, 68, was treated at San Joaquin Community Hospital and is recovering from painful injuries which include a broken collarbone and severely bruised ribs. "It's really hard to breathe or move around much," he said, adding that he felt "kind of rough."

The horse--which Mungary says is related to Roy Rogers' famous Palomino, Trigger--is expected to recover. "I understand that the vet on site stitched him up last night," said fellow posse member Stan Henry said Saturday.

The sheriff's office issued a media release late Friday night which stated that the incident occurred after the Sheriff's Posse had made its presentation during the rodeo at the Kern County Fairground. Mungary was riding his horse just outside of the fairground property.when a "stray black pit-bull ... aggressively approached" Mungary's horse.

When Mungary tried to move his horse away, "the dog lunged at the horse, biting the horse in the chest. (The horse) began bucking and kicking, trying to get away from the attacking dog. This caused Mungary to be thrown from his horse, landing on the ground," the release stated.

Eventually another member of the posse started kicking at the dog and it ran away.

A veterinarian on the scene treated Mungary's horse for what were described as severe cuts and puncture wounds.

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Source: Bakersfield Californian


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