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Pit Bull Attack on Child, Mother Results in Damon Alexander, Amanda Leigh Wilson Being Charged

Damon Alexander, 37, and Amanda Leigh Wilson, 26, the man and woman who were dog-sitting a Pit Bull that attacked a mother and daughter last week at Moore Street Park in Bristol, Virginia, have been arrested on felony charges, Bristol police reported on Thursday, according to

Alexander and Wilson, live next door to the dog-attack victims, Lisa Manis and her 6-year-old daughter, and her family in the Rice Terrace apartment complex, the report states.

The couple was taking care of the dog -- named Hitler -- for his owners, Adam Geiger and Stephanie Worley of Bristol, Tennessee, police said. According to Virginia Code, because Alexander and Wilson were the custodians of the dog, they are charged in the case rather than the owners, according to the Bristol Herald Journal.

The attack occurred on June 14 after Manis had asked to take the Pit Bull for a walk with her six-year-old daughter. The report indicates that her son was also accompanying them at the time. The little girl climbed onto a swing and began to play when the dog grabbed her by the leg and dragged her across the ground.

Manis told Kevin Castle of the Bristol Herald Courier that she pulled the dog’s mouth open to free her daughter and told her to run and get help while the boy stayed safely in a slide tower in the playground.

Manis was then mauled by the dog, which turned on her, suffering severe bites to all four limbs.

The Pit Bull was beaten off the woman by two men using an umbrella, according to the report. They then held the dog until animal control officers arrived.

Manis was profusely bleeding said a witness who described the attack by the Pit Bull as “relentless.”

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The police report revealed that an earlier attack on two children of Damon Lamont Alexander, the man charged, had taken place by the same Pit Bull last month.

Alexander and Wilson were arrested Wednesday evening, June 19. Both were charged with one count of failure to care, contain or control a dangerous canine, a Class 6 felony, according to a report issued by police. They were being held late Thursday in the Bristol, Va., Jail, Alexander under $5,000 bond and Wilson under a $2,500 bond, the Herald Courier reports.

Manis is now recovering at home, still in severe pain and suffering from night terrors, her husband Harry Dunn Jr., told the Bristol Herald Courier. Their daughter is recovering satisfactorily.

Police report that Hitler, the Pit Bull, was euthanized within hours after the attack, with the owners’ consent.

The report states that the charges stem from Alexander and Wilson failing to advise Manis that there had been a previous attack and allowing her to take the dog without any knowledge of the dog being vicious.

An officer at the SBK Animal Shelter told the Herald Courier that the same Pit Bull attacked Alexander's two children at Observation Knob Park in Bristol , Tenn., on May 25. Alexander told them then that the dog was not up to date on vaccinations. The dog was quarantined for 10 days under state regulations.

After that, the Pit Bull was released into Alexander’s custody last week, an animal control official said. The second attack took place just three days after the dog was released.

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