Pit Bull Attack Called 'Hate Crime," Dog Owner Faces More Charges


A Des Moines man who allegedly ordered his dog to attack 24-year-old Kanin Pierce on Sunday evening has been charged with a hate crime, according to KCCI News.

Joshua Charles Stoll, 21, of Des Moines, has been charged with probation violation and assault in violation of individual rights causing injury, said Sgt. Jason Halifax. Under Iowa law, an assault in violation of individual rights is a hate crime.

Stoll was drunk behind the wheel on Sunday, as he drove down the 2200 block of East 41st Street, the Des Moines Register reports. He made an abrupt stop and got out of the car with another man and began yelling racial slurs at Kanin Pierce and his younger brother.  

The men then asked Pierce what he said to them, according to police. Kanin said he did not know the men or why they stopped. He called for his brother once as the two men began walking toward him and he told the men to leave, the report stated.

Stoll is now accused of saying "Sic 'em, Rider" to his Pit Bull Terrier. The dog raced toward Kanin Pierce and started bitingf his arms, KCCI News reported. 

Laroyia Haygood was among witnesses who told KCCI News that they heard Stoll screaming racial profanity at the brothers.

“He was calling him the ‘n-word’ repeatedly and wouldn’t stop. They were asking [Stoll] to leave and he wouldn’t leave,” Haygood said.

The witnesses say that Stoll took his Pit Bull out of the car and commanded the dog to attack Pierce.  According to Haygood, the dog would not let go.

Four to five men told the Register that they tried to help Kanin Pierce, and yelled at Stoll to call his dog off. Stoll reportedly responded, "I ain't going nowhere, (racial slur)."

The men eventually managed to get the dog to release his hold on Kanin Pierce’s arm.. Police report that the victim's injuries were severe and he was said to be in “fair” condition.

Multiple witnesses confirmed the victim's and his brother's story, the report stated. 

Joshua Stoll told police he was drivng north on 41st Street when a man throw something at his car, so he and his friend, got out of the vehicle to ask what he threw.

A group then gathered and assaulted Stoll and his friend, Stoll told police. He said his dog then jumped out of the vehicle and tried to protect him by biting one of his attackers

X-rays taken later at Broadlawns Medical Center found Stoll had a fractured rib; and a preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol level of 0.128, the Register stated.

Authorities said they met with two brothers, one of whom had bite marks on both of his arms. 

Stoll was booked at to the Polk County Jail and is being held on $6,000 bail. 

Ryder, the Pit Bull, is reportedly in quarantine with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa because of the bites, the report stated.  

Police said Stoll could face more charges or citations since his American pit bull terrier, Ryder, was not vaccinated, insured nor licensed with the city.

Sources: Des Moines Register


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