Pit Bull Attack: Boyfriend of Woman Killed by 1 of Her 12 Pit Bulls, Calls it 'Freak Accident'


Nicholas Hare, the boyfriend of a woman mauled to death by one of her Pit Bulls last Friday in Jarales, New Mexico, called the gruesome attack a “freak accident.”

Hare said he and his girlfriend Michael Nelson had been together for 15 years and had raised more than 300 animals together—not for sale or rescue but “out of their own desire.”

“We did it together because it what's made our family strong,” Hare told reporters. With tears in his eyes, he said that his girlfriend lived to help animals.

“This was something that came completely out of left field and it “was her time, as horrible and tragic as it was, it was,” Hare said.

Hare added, “He said the mauling shouldn't sway people's opinions about the breed.”

According to the Valencia County Sheriff’s Department, Nelson was killed on Friday night while breaking ice out of a dog’s water bowl in an outside pen where 12 Pit Bulls were kept in freezing weather.

Nelson’s son reportedly found her body at the scene with the dog that attacked nearby. Deputies say the son shot and killed the Pit Bull.

Deputies say four other Pit Bulls were surrendered from the property and have been euthanized. According to Hare, he and Nelson had possession of the dogs for about the last four years. Hare says the dogs were from various litters and homes.

"It's really hard to lose five family members in one day basically, because they were our children for years and years,” said Hare.

Deputies have confirmed that the animals on the property were healthy and showed no signs of abuse, reports KRQE.

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Source: KRQE


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