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Pit Bull Attack: 22-Month-Old Girl Dies After Brutal Mauling by Grandmother’s Pit Bull (Update)

Dorian Solem, a 22-month-old girl attacked was viciously mauled by her grandmother's dog on Thursday evening and has died from her injuries, reports KROG13.

Dorian Solem was pronounced dead on Saturday afternoon at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center from head and neck injuries, according to the county medical examiner's office.  Her most critical wound after the horrific mauling was reportedly a severe bite to her neck and throat. 

The 80-pound Pit Bull reportedly bit the little girl all over her body during the attack.

The dog had no reported history of attacks or biting, according to police, but the family told police the dog had shown aggressive behavior before, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

 Dorian’s grandmother also lost the tips of two fingers on each hand when the ten-year-old pet dog also bit her, according to Fox2News. 

The attack happened about 6:45 p.m. on Thursday at the family’s home in the 2800 block of Essex , at Sherborn Lane, in the St. Charles Hills subdivision, reports. 

The grandmother told  Dorian’s brothers, ages 5 and 8, to run next door for help. The two boys alerted a neighbor who ran to the house and reportedly had to stab the Pit Bull seven times before it released the toddler.

Police report that their investigation is complete, and no criminal charges are expected. The 10-year-old dog was euthanized at the request of the grandmother.

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 Sources: Connect Mid-Missouri, St. Louis Today


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