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Piranhas Injured Over 100 Swimmers In Argentina Last Month

Piranhas are frightening creatures. Though they typically are only around 10 inches long, Piranhas are vicious fish with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for blood. You’d think that such a small creature wouldn’t pose much of a threat to humans, but that's not the case. The fish often attack in groups and manage to rip much larger animals to shreds with their razor-sharp teeth.

In Argentina, an area of the world that Piranhas call home, the fish have seriously injured at least 10 people swimming in the aptly named Pirana River over the last month. An additional 100 people report being bitten by the fish in December.

Get this: an extra terrifying type of Piranha swims in the Pirana River. The fish is commonly referred to as the Palometa and sports a pair of fangs that would make a saber-toothed tiger proud. Check out this picture of a Palometa’s mouth:

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A seven-year-old girl lost her foot to the fish in an attack earlier this month. Other swimmers bit by Palometa’s were left with deep bite wounds on their extremities.

Argentinian media outlets say recent scalding temperatures have sent people running to the river looking to cool off. When a river is teaming with school’s of flesh-devouring fish, this is probably a bad idea.

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