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Pinnacle Engines Introduces Opposed-Piston Engine

In brief: Pinnacle Engines has unveiled a commercialized combustion engine basted on the opposed piston concept, producing 30-50% better fuel economy and lower emissions.

The word

Pinnacle Engines, a new startup, wants to commercialize the new engine by 2013. The company has raised $13.5 million in venture funding towards that goal.

The Pinnacle engine is a four-stroke, spark-ignited, opposed-piston, sleeve-valve architecture which the company claims will produce 30-50% better fuel economy than a variable or various drive cycle combustion engine of the same horsepower and torque. This performance was verified by FEV, Inc.

The engine differs from other opposed piston-style engines in that it uses a proprietary Cleeves Cycle, invented by President and Founder of Pinnacle James Montague Cleeves. Depending on the fuel being used, the Cleeves Cycle uses a constant volume or constant pressure combustion called the Otto and Diesel cycles, respectively.

Like other OPOC designs, the Pinnacle engine is scalable at two cylinders per expansion. The company plans to enter production in early 2013.

And so ...

The engine design is interesting and opposed-piston engines have been gaining ground lately as a simpler, much more efficient alternative to current internal combustion engine technologies.

Photo credits: Pinnacle Engines


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