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Pinkberry Co-Founder Young Lee Guilty Of Beating Homeless Man With Tire Iron

The co-founder of frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry was found guilty Friday of beating a homeless man with a tire iron.

Young Lee, 49, assaulted panhandler Daniel Bolding in East Hollywood in 2011, after Bolding flashed an explicit tattoo of stick figures having sex to the people in the car, according to Newser.

After driving away, Lee returned with another man and chased Bolding down.

Lee’s defense argued that Bolding “flat-out lied” in court, originally claiming that Lee’s accomplice was the one holding the tire iron. Lee’s attorney Phillip Kent Cohen said his client never used the tire iron to assault Bolden.

Lee’s trial lasted three weeks. The jury deliberated for two days before reaching a guilty verdict.

Lee faces up to seven years in prison.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Henry Hall said evidence showed Lee threatened witnesses in the case and was a “threat to the community.”

When Lee was arrested in January 2012, Pinkberry released a statement that Lee is not involved with the chain any longer.

“Mr. Young Lee has no involvement with Pinkberry, our partners or our more than 170 stores world-wide. Pinkberry ended its ties with Mr. Lee formally on May 1, 2010. He has no influence or input into the company in any way, and the parties have not been in communication with one another since Mr. Lee’s exit,” Pinkberry said in a statement published by LA Weekly.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Newser


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