Pimp Who Trafficked Young Women All Over The World Found Guilty Of 21 Charges


A Jamaican man accused of beating and pimping women from Florida, Australia and even the Middle East has been found guilty of the 21 counts against him.

Damion St. Patrick Baston was on trial for only two weeks when a jury of seven women and five men deliberated for six hours and ultimately found him guilty of 21 charges, including sex trafficking and money laundering. Reports say that Baston preyed on beautiful women in various parts of the world and turned them into high-end prostitutes using gruesome methods of intimidation. In one case, Baston coerced a 21-year-old Lithuanian woman, known as G.P., by hanging her by her feet over a fire escape.

“According to the sexual battery detective who interviewed G.P. that night, G.P. was the most terrified victim she had ever encountered in her 25 years at the police department,” prosecutors said during the trial.

Baston reportedly kept close relationships with all of the women, frequently driving them to sex sessions after posting their pictures on escort websites. The man also reportedly kept all of the money that the women made.

When Baston took the stand during his trial, he continuously denied the allegations against him, saying that he was not a pimp and claiming that the relationships were “fun.”

“I was always nice and kind,” Baston stated to his defense attorney while the jury listened. “It was love. It was romantic. It was fun. I am not a pimp.”

Still, testimony made by some of his victims say otherwise, as an Australian woman known as K.L. claims that she found a book titled "Pimpology" in his apartment.

Now that Baston has been convicted, he will serve a mandatory 15-year prison sentence and could still potentially face life in prison. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Miami Herald, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times


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