3,000 Ping-Pong Balls Rain Down On Highway After Pilot Error

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A pilot accidentally dumped 3,000 ping-pong balls on Idaho's Interstate 15 last weekend.

The balls were supposed to be dropped on a crowd assembled nearby as part of a contest for Blackfoot Pride Days. The ping-pong ball drop has been part of the festivities for more than a decade. Most the balls fetch candy prizes, but some are worth gift certificates up to $100.

Organizers said the pilot this year did not understand that the balls lose speed quickly and drop straight down, according to The Associate Press.

“I know the pilot and he was right over the target and the wind took them [the balls] back over the freeway,” a reveler, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Idaho State Journal.

The contest was called off and organizers asked that Pride-goers not risk retrieving the balls amid the traffic.

“It was ridiculous,” Blackfoot resident Sarah Taylor said, who watched the balls drop. “Kids and adults were actually running out on the freeway to get the balls.”

Taylor said she could hear the balls pop as they struck cars on I-15.

No one was injured in the botched stunt.

“You could hear them popping as people ran over them,” Taylor said. “People needed to realize that's a dangerous situation. I'm glad nobody got hit and there was no accidents.”

Blackfoot police say they will work with organizers next year.

Sources: Fox News, Idaho State Journal

Image credit: Michael Knowles, LikeABoss.com


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