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Pilot Diverts International Flight To Save Dog

Simba, a 7-year-old French bulldog, was making the journey from Tel Aviv to Toronto on an Air Canada flight when the pilot reportedly noticed a malfunction in the plane’s cargo holding area, CityNews reported.  

The airplane’s heating system faltered as the it flew over the Atlantic Ocean and the cargo holding system, where Simba was being held, dropped to below freezing, CityNews reported. The unidentified pilot took a detour and landed in Frankfurt, Germany, to save the dog. Simba was then placed on another plane, and the plane continued on its way to Toronto.

The detour was expensive. Aviation expert Phyl Durby said it could have cost about $10,000 to make the detour, but praised the pilot’s decision.

“The captain is responsible for all lives on board, whether it’s human or K-9,” he told CityNews.

Simba was reunited with his owner at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

“It’s my dog, it’s like my child. It’s everything to me,” the unidentified owner said.

Sources: CityNews, Metro

Photo credit: Screenshot via CityNews


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