Delta Defends Pilot Who Hit Woman On Jetway (Video)


A male Delta Air Lines pilot hit a female passenger while breaking up a fight between her and another woman (video below).

The incident took place on April 21 at the Atlanta, Georgia, airport after the plane had landed and passengers were disembarking on the jetway, TMZ reports.

In the video, two women are seen scuffling in the jetway.

"Get off," a woman yells.

Then a third woman, wearing a grey jumpsuit, appears to kick her leg at one of the women. It is unclear whether she made contact.

The two fighting women find themselves on the ground as the pilot approaches, with the jumpsuit-wearing woman trying to separate them.

"Knock it off," the pilot says to the women as he grabs one by the arm and smacks her on what appears to be her wrist or lower arm.

The pilot then leaves the women on the ground and the woman in the jumpsuit proceeds to sit on them.

"I'm going to call security," one woman says in the video. "Y'all want to go to jail today."

The pilot returns to the women and tells them they have to stop what they're doing. They eventually get up off the ground.

A Delta employee gave the video to a supervisor almost immediately after the incident took place, a source told TMZ. There were also reportedly Delta employees that were upset because security was not called to the scene.

Delta released a statement after investigating the incident.

"We became aware of this incident and a video last week and immediately removed the pilot from duty while we completed a thorough investigation," the statement read. "Local law enforcement was called to respond at the time of the incident. The pilot has since been returned to work as our investigation found that his actions deescalated an altercation between passengers on the jetway floor during deplaning."

The women in the video knew one another and had fought during the flight. The police did talk to them as they made their way into the airport, but neither wanted to press charges.

This incident occurred in the wake of an American Airlines employee being accused of hitting a woman with her child's stroller, nearly striking the child in the process, The Guardian reported.

The airline suspended the employee and issued an apology to the passenger.

“We have seen the video and have already started an investigation to obtain the facts,” American Airlines said in a statement. “What we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers. We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident."

The airline put the woman and her family on another flight and upgraded them to first class for the remainder of their international trip.

Sources: TMZ, The Guardian / Photo credit: Bulent KAVAKKORU/Flickr

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