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One Year Later, Arrest Made In Relation To Ohio Murders (Photo)

Eight direct family members were killed on four separate, nearby properties in Piketon, Ohio. And over a year later, an arrest related to the event was finally made.

But that arrest wasn’t based off suspicion of murder.

Piketon was hit with a massive murder case on April 22, 2016, when the Rhoden family was victim to eight execution-style murders on four of their adjacent properties, CNN reported. The family tree is important, but hard to follow, so read carefully.

Dana Rhoden, a divorced 38-year-old, and her ex-husband, Christopher Rhoden Sr., 40, were found dead.  Along with them was their daughter, Hanna Rhoden, 19, and their sons, Christopher Jr., 16 and Clarence "Frankie" Rhoden, 20. Frankie's fiancee, Hannah Giley, 20, was also found dead, along with Christopher Sr.'s brother, Kenneth Rhoden, 44, and cousin, Gary Rhoden, 38.

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A 3-year-old, 6-month-old and 4-day old were left unharmed in the attack.

Dana's brother, James Manley, 40, was arrested on May 16 for tampering with evidence and vandalism in the case, notes WJW.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office stated that Manley destroyed the GPS device used in the investigation.

WLWT reported that the GPS tracking device was placed on James' vehicle April 22, but they haven't received a position notice from it since April 28.

When state officials and investigators approached James' home, his father, Leonard Manley, proceeded to shout obscenities and stated that his son had destroyed the device. James' wife also admitted to her husband smashing the GPS device on the sidewalk.

Leonard added that James was very close with his sister, who was murdered in the incident, and therefore sees no connection to James and the case.

"I'd put my life on the line because my daughter and him was too damn close," Leonard said.

Instead, Leonard believes the tracking device came after investigators began to look into his son's text messages. reports that on the night of the murder at 2 a.m., James had reportedly sent a text to Jake Wagner -- the boyfriend of one victim -- Hannah, and the father of their 4-day-old son, who was left alive in his mother's arms.

"I don't buy it," Leonard explains.

James recently failed a lie detector test, after reportedly being surprised with it after a full work day.

At around 7 p.m. on May 16, James was taken to Ross County jail.

James has been accused of two felonies. Tampering with evidence is a third-degree felony and vandalism is a fifth-degree felony.

The Manleys have been subject to a lot of investigative attention since the mass-murder that included Dana.

"It's like a wound and then you pick at it and they are starting to pick pretty hard. I've always believed justice was supposed to be fair, but it ain't. Not when they go picking on people I know. I'm tired of it, they've harassed me enough."

"I've had a belly full of it,'' he said.

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