Piers Morgan Explodes on Gun Advocate Over Pro-Gun Rally On Newtown Anniversary (Video)


Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live to promote his organization’s pro-gun rally named “Guns Save Lives Day” to be held on Dec. 14, the anniversary of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting.

Morgan argued that it’s not gun control activists hurt by the Second Amendment Foundation rally, it’s the families of the 26 victims who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

When Morgan quoted a reaction from a family member of a Newtown victim, Gottleib laughed.

“Erica Lafferty, the daughter of murdered Newtown principal Dawn Hochsprung said, ‘Dec. 14th is a sacred day for Newtown families. It should be about our loved ones, not this disgusting political stunt. These people will be trampling over the graves of the innocent children and educators who were murdered that day’,” Morgan read. “Why are you laughing?”

“Because that’s totally over the top,” Gottleib responded. “That’s not what our intent was, that’s not what anything we were going to do was.”

“You planned a campaign to promote the good side of guns on the first anniversary of the worst mass shooting at a school in American history, and you have the gall to laugh when I read out a quote from one of the victim’s families?” Morgan asked. “How dare you?”

“Piers, how dare the anti-gun movement have been [sic] using this tragedy all year long to ...”

Morgan cut him off.

“This is a family member,” Morgan shouted. “How dare you laugh?”

“Hey, my heart goes out to them,” Gottleib said. “I have children, grandchildren myself. But that doesn’t allow them to use that day, either, to attack my rights.”

Gottleib quoted the number of times Morgan has “attacked gun rights” on his show this year.

“Oh, I won’t back off [of] people like you, Mister Gottlieb, trust me,” Morgan said.

“I bet you’ll use December 14th to push your anti-gun agenda,” Gottlieb said.

“You’re damn right I’ll use that day to promote gun safety, Mister Gottlieb,” Morgan responded. “And I’ll do it on behalf of these families.”

Sources: MediaiteRaw Story


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