Piers Morgan Debates Students & Senator Dan Patrick following Lone Star College Stabbing


On Tuesday morning, 20-year-old Dylan Quick went on a stabbing spree at Lone Star Community College in Cypress, Texas. Two students, brothers Jonathan and Jon Paul Clayton, appeared on Piers Morgan’s CNN show later that night to advocate students’ right to carry firearms.

Jonathan Clayton argued, “We are adults and the government does not permit us to have — carry weapons even, sir, even if you have the certificates and certification to carry a handgun. And I think that law should be changed for protection.” Jon Paul agreed, stating that “99.9 percent of all gun owners are legal, abiding citizens.”

Piers Morgan, who is well-known for having a strong gun control stance, wasn’t buying the students’ arguments. He said, “Far from -- with respect -- allowing all the students to carry guns, which I think would descent the school into total Wild West madness, isn’t there an argument that this could have been a lot worse if the person carrying the knife had had a gun? I mean, they’d all be dead!”

He went on to paint a picture of chaos: “Don’t you think that if all the students armed themselves that the kind of day-to-day conflict which goes on in all schools and college campus could very quickly escalate into much more dangerous situations if everybody had a gun?”

The brothers argued that anybody who went through proper legal channels to legally own a firearm should be allowed to carry firearms on campus. They pointed out the hypocrisy of students being able to carry guns anywhere except for on college campuses.

From there, things got heated as Morgan debated Republican State Senator Dan Patrick. Morgan argued, that gun control leading to reduced crime was a “demonstrable fact,” pointing to countries like Japan, Australia, and Britain. Patrick, on the other hand, argued, “Well this is America, and our Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. This is not Tokyo.” He also called Morgan’s audience “Northeast liberals.”

The tragedy at Lone Star Community College and the ensuing debate threw hot coals onto the gun control debate. As Morgan and Patrick gave insults and shouted over each other, it became clear that emotions are still running high with new gun control legislation looming on the horizon. 

Source: Daily Caller


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