ISIS Is Having Children Reenact James Foley's Beheading With Dolls (Photos)


Startling pictures posted on Twitter show what is to believed a young Jihadist boy reenacting the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

In the disturbing images, a masked child is shown holding a doll who is wearing an orange jumpsuit, identical to the one that Foley was wearing in the video of his beheading. A supporter of ISIS took to Twitter to post the pictures and posted with one of them, “Teach your children to cut necks, tomorrow there will be a lot of rotten heads.”

In the first picture, a masked child is seen standing in front of the terrorist group’s flag holding the blonde haired doll by head while holding a knife in the other hand. In the other picture, the doll is shown decapitated lying on the ground with fake blood around its neck.

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“It is so utterly sick and perverted and depraved that it guarantees global visibility: child abuse, pure and simple, it pushes other stuff to one side in a world where so much else is competing for our attention. The interesting question is why,” said Nicholas O'Shaughnessy to the Daily Mail.

“This practice is so deeply alienating and it is founded in a belief in the supreme effectiveness of the fear appeal, forgetting of course that there are stronger motives than fear. Anger, for example, assassinates every other emotion and all ISIS are really doing is arousing universal rage against them such that we no longer see ISIS as human, but monsters to be slain, or cockroaches to be stamped on.”

Since the military strikes against ISIS in recent weeks, there has been no lack of shocking information about the group, including their practice of indoctrinating children.

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