Pictures: Police Officer Gared Hansen Suspended for Taking Nude Photographs of Women, Files Lawsuit

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San Francisco police officer Gared Hansen has been suspended because he photographs women, nude, posing as mythical mermaids, vampires  and witches, reports the Daily Mail.

The nude models wear body paint, instead of costumes.

Earlier this month, Officer Hansen filed a federal civil rights lawsuit claiming he was wrongfully suspended twice because of his side job.

The police department suspended Officer Hansen in 2009 and 2010 because of his hobby. One of the suspensions occured because he was trespassing in an abandoned house with two nude models made up as ghosts.

Hansen told that his work is not porn: "I believe that the work I make is beautiful and interesting... it seems like creating art is a benefit to the department."

A photo web site owned by Hansen carried this warning: "This site contains nudity presented in artistic form. If you are offended by this or are in a location where viewing this is not allowed then please do not continue. Otherwise welcome and enjoy."

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