Pictures: NY Cops Dirty Dance at West Indian Parade

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A new online video appears to show New York City police in uniform provocatively grinding with scantily clad women at a recent West Indian Day Parade. Several women sought out uniformed officers for the dirty dancing, which some welcomed. The YouTube account where the video was hosted has been taken down.

In the video, two NYPD cops appear to look embarrassed and stand still when they are approached by the women who shove their ample rear-ends into the cops' groins.  However, two other officers were all too willing to join in. On the video, they are play-thrusting their pelvises up against the rears of two women.

Everyone in the video, including at least four cops in uniform and scores of revelers, is having a good time, however, the NYPD brass don't think the video is very funny. A police investigative unit in Brooklyn has been ordered to look into the video and the cops who are seen dancing on it.

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"It's not corruption," said a source familiar with the investigation. "But it looks bad. It's young cops doing something stupid."


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