Photos: Bizarre Ways Smuggling Ring Hid Illegal Immigrants in Cars

The Daily Mail reports that a cross-border people-smuggling ring was recently busted by U.S. Customs. Below are pictures of the bizarre ways the ring hid people in vehicles. Officials say, that since 2010, the smugglers brought in immigrants crammed into tiny spaces in vehicles.

After hiding immigrants in vehicles, the smugglers would hire low income African-Americans, from a poor section of Los Angeles, to drive them across the U.S.-Mexico border into poor areas of California cities where they would be met by another contact. The idea being that Customs Officials would not be suspicious of English-speaking African-American drivers.

For this trip, illegal immigrants would pay the gang between $2000 and $4000. On Thursday, the smuggling gang was arrested, including Maria Lopez-Diaz and three others. An African American driver, Bobby Johnson, was also arrested.

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