Chicago Officer Wounded During Trump Protest (Video)

The injuries sustained by one Chicago police officer during the violent protest that erupted March 11 after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled a rally in Chicago, Illinois, was caught on camera by an area resident (video below).

Two Chicago police officers were wounded with non life-threatening injuries during the protest. One officer was struck in the head with a bottle, but it is unknown whether he is the officer in the video.

The footage of the officer, seen bleeding from the head as he walks down the street, was captured by Rogers Park resident Jeff Orr and shared to Twitter.

Orr said the crowd had gathered because of a police line.

"There was a mix of Trump supporters and protesters so don't know what happened," Orr told WMAQ. "It was a very tense situation that indicative of the tension in America right now."

"It is unfortunate that parties on both sides allowed their political views to become confrontational, and that's unfortunately resulted in that scuffling and the arrests that were made," Interim Chicago Police Superintendent John Escalante said at a press conference on March 11. "We were confident that we had the right security for the event and the protesters as well."

Five people were arrested during the protest.

Sources: WMAQJeffOrr773/witter / Photo credit: Screenshot via Snap Gram TV/YouTube

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